Since 1963 Mantovanibenne is a well known brand for earth moving machines attachments. 
Born with the manufacturing of Buckets, nowadays the production line includes also Quick Couplers and Demolition Attachments such as Crushers, Pulverisers, Shears, Multisystems, Pile Breakers and Grapples. Thanks to the gained experience during the years, Mantovanibenne presents a wide range of advanced technology products with high quality standards. The passion for this industry animates continuously Research and Development of new products and solutions for new applications.

It is no coincidence that Mantovanibenne is rooted in the province of Modena, a region historically marked by a passion for engines, mechanical engineering and competition. Mantovanibenne has welcomed the challenges of efficiency, the search for perfection and national and international leadership by designing, producing and marketing high quality equipment for earthmoving, demolition and recycling companies.





Any company is made of people. It has the character of the person who runs it, the DNA of those who give it life with their work and the values of its workforce. The entrepreneurial soul of Mantovanibenne is Alberto Mantovani who, with his extraordinary sensitivity to the market and ability to grasp opportunities for development, has written the history of the company and determined its present and future direction. Open to new technologies and international horizons, an enthusiastic shaper of the present and explorer of the new, Alberto Mantovani belongs to a generation of businessmen who grew through their work, transforming small businesses into companies and workshops into factories. This concrete commitment to growth was never satisfied with his own achievements but found expression in representing the work of many others: President of the Provincial and Regional Industrialists Association, President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Mirandola, President of Banca Modenese and the Modenese Chamber of Commerce, Alberto Mantovani has held many prestigious positions as ambassador to the world for the vocation to excellence of Italian business.