Concrete Crusher CR

The CR Concrete Crusher is born for primary demolition. Thanks to two powerful cylinders, the 360° rotation and the materials used, this attachment is the best solution for standard and high reach demolition.

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) 360° Rotation

The sturdy rotation allows accurate positioning of the attachment in any working environment and in complete safety (the crusher can also be supplied with mechanical rotation).

( 2 ) Power

Thanks to the work of the two powerful cylinders this attachment gives an enormous force to the tips.

( 3 ) Special Speed Valve

The high performance of the cylinders is guaranteed by the speed valve. The speed valve ensures high productivity and power (CR2 and CR5 without speed valve).

) Blades

On each model there are blades for rebar cutting. Blades can be turned for greater usage.

( 5 ) Tooth Profils

Specially developed tooth profiles, for better penetration.

( 6 ) Large Opening

All CR models have twin pin design to give maximum jaw opening with high crushing force.


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