Concrete Crusher CRH440

The CRH demolition crusher is dedicated for primary demolition, designed with robot equipment in mind. Among the extraordinary features of this tool there are intensifiers in each cylinder (Patented Twin Booster) to give the performance of a much larger attachment; special jaw shape to guarantee large opening and light structure, as well as quick maintenance and easy reconditioning.

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( 1 ) Twin Booster

The force of the jaws is controlled by a booster system which automatically kicks in and instantly increases the power when it meets strong resistance. The booster system allows the operator to use a smaller machine and reach places where the big excavators can’t, improving manoeuvrability. The machine can operate with an opening/closing cycle of 1.1/2.4 secs., reaching 24 complete cycles per minute.

( 2 ) ORC System

The ORC system – Oil Regeneration Circuit – preserves the demolition crusher system from any possible surge of pressure or internal impurities. It ensures continuous work during the day without having to stop to allow the excavators oil circuit to cool.

( 3 ) Free Rotation

To allow self-positioning during working operations.

( 4 ) Optional Pulveriser Pad set

( 5 ) Interchangeable Tips

Availability of different types of interchangeable tips to improve the penetration and grip of the machine during the working operations.


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