Grapple SGR

 The brand new SGR line Mantovanibenne combines a fresh design, more capacious and compact, to an up-to-date technology. The SGR models are suitable for demolition and waste handling application: robust for heavy work as well as accurate for picking and sorting. It features high capacity for bulk loading.

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( 1 ) Easy Maintenance and Reliability

 The new design facilitate maintenance. Heat treated alloy steel hinge pins for longest life.

( 2 ) Reversible extra blades

 The extra blades can be turned once before replacement. Proper maintenance of the blades allows keeping high precision during material handling.

( 3 ) Hydraulic brake on cylinders

 It reduces shells speed during opening and closing, whenever approaching the limit switch. It reduces stress on movement components, increasing their duration.

( 4 ) Extreme precision – Top security

 The continuous 360° hydraulic rotation grants complete control over the equipment movements and perfect positioning.

5 ) Block Valve

 New valve block, ensuring maximum clamping effort from the jaws.

6 ) Double hydraulic motor

 The two hydraulic motors grant great strenght during rotation, facilitating heavy loads handling.


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