Fixed Pulveriser MCP- IT

The MCP-IT fixed head Pulveriser, with its new tooth design, is the ideal attachment for secondary demolition. The MCP-IT is the perfect tool for crushing reinforced concrete and separating the rebar from the aggregate.

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( 1 ) Sturdy and compact structure

The pulveriser is built with high wear resistant materials with a hardness of HB400. The profile of the mouth is reinforced to further improve the resistance to wear and make the structure even more compact. The profile of the attachment makes loading the material easier.

( 2 ) Speed Valve

The high performance of the MCP-IT pulveriser is guaranteed by the presence of a speed valve. The speed valve allows there to be an increase in the number of opening and closing cycles of the pulveriser and for the hydraulic circuit of the excavator to be preserved.

( 3 ) Blades

On each model there are blades for rebar cutting. Blades can be turned for greater usage.

( 4 ) Mobile jaw plate

PLATE CRP indicated for the primary demolition (better penetration). PLATE PP indicated for the secondary demolition (with two teeth, for better crushing).

( 5 ) Interchangeable parts

The design of the jaws of the new MCP-IT pulveriser has been studied to increase the productivity of the attachment. Simple replacement of the robust tooth brings the tool back to original specification.

( 6 ) New fixed jaws design

The fixed jaw is designed to allow the crushed material to pass through the fixed jaw and maintain high productivity.


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