Pile Breaker PB

Mantovanibenne Pile Breakers PB are the most innovative and efficient way to crush foundation piles, while keeping intact the rebar and the structural integrity of the piles.

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( 1 ) Pipe Protection

The special shape of the Pile Breaker is also designed to ensure the protection of the hydraulic system in every working condition.

( 2 ) Silent Attachment

Using Pile Breakers enables to respect every environmental regulation, especially regarding noise on jobsites.

( 3 ) Lifting Kit

The Pile Breaker is supplied with a lifting kit to be connected to the excavator.

( 4) Tip kit

Each module is supplied with a kit of three cylinder tips.

( 5 ) Modularity

The attachment has been designed using a Modular System concept (linked modules) which allows the demolition of both round and square piles. By varying the number and the type of module it is possible to obtain an attachment suitable for any specific working operation with maximum flexibility.


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